Looking at This Little House in Union County

I was down this way on the job the other day and I just happened to drive by this house. I was on my way to this place called Glass Plus, which sells stuff like shower doors in Union county NJ. I had to pick up about three or four things including a shower cabinet and the big piece of tempered glass that you use for a shower door. Jack and I have been doing a really big renovation job not that far from there and we had to find this really special shower door for the lady of the house. She was really particular about this thing she wanted and it took him and I a couple of weeks to figure out what she meant and find one for her. Apparently she had seen one like it over in Europe some place, which is apparently what the design originates from what it seems. At any rate it is hard to find them around here and we had to drive down there to get this door to make her happy.

At any rate this house looks like a complete mess from the road. It is not quite as bad as it looks and it is nothing that a man like me can not fix with a bit of money and a good bit of time. Of course Jack saw it at once too after I called him and told him we needed to do the math on it. The question is whether or not the person wants to sell it badly enough. We are not going to pay a premium or anything close to it. We are looking for bargains and if we find them we go to work to turn them into really beautiful little houses. It is not something you do for a hobby.