I Love to Learn Trivia

I am a trivia nut. I love to read all kinds of fun facts and trivia tidbits, and having access to the Internet just makes it easy to feed my addiction to know more today than I did yesterday. I have a few favorite sites, and I found a new one not long ago. It is this website listing facts from around the world, and it is really neat and very addicting. I found it quite by accident when I was researching something about the United States. This site had a really cool article about ten things that might not be known about our nation.

As soon as I saw that, i knew I had to look. I did know a few of the things, but it was an interesting read for sure. I had no idea that we are the divorce capital of the world or that the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, is considered to be the most effective agency of its kind in the world. Learning things like that just make my day, so I had to look around the site even more to see what other tidbits of information I was able to find.

That is when I realized that the site is about much more than just the United States. It covers different countries as well outer space. It also has interesting information about animals like camels and turtles. For instance, turtles can live for a very long time, but it is rare when one dies of natural causes. I had no idea! I was able to learn more about anxiety, the Panama Canal, Venus as in the planet, and so much more from this site. I have it bookmarked now so I can keep up to date on the newest articles that are posted quite frequently.