Got Back from Mike’s Wedding This Morning

I was pretty much exhausted when I got back to Red Deer this morning, but I still had to head out to work about the moment that I got back. Right now I am sitting at my office looking at the pictures I took out in the parking lot. It was a really wild scene there after the reception got out of hand.Of course if you never knew it, Mike’s cousins all like to drink to excess and they ended brawling with some of the in laws. I think that toronto wedding limousine company is going to end up taking the lot of them to court over that crap. It was pretty hilarious at first, much the way that it usually is when guys try to fight while they are too stoned to walk. However at some point one of them ended up trying to bodyslam this other idiot. Instead the both of them fell backwards onto the trunk of that limo.

Of course at this point that limo driver went nuts and he started wailing on Mike’s cousin, who was probably the one that most deserved to have his face pounded into hamburger meat. Of course I had to pull the guy off him and then the police showed up. I am guessing that they might have wanted me to bear witness against someone, but that is not really a wise move. Mike’s cousins are all idiots, but there are a lot of them and they really know how to hold a grudge. It is not like I would be afraid to have more idiots for enemies, but obviously I would rather do it when I have a more valid reason than just a bit of body damage to the back end of a stretched out Lincoln town car.