A Website to Go into My Family History

Green and blue abstract floral backgrounds | PSDGraphicsIt was more difficult for me to find the web designers to do my website than I thought it was going to be. I had an exact picture of what I wanted my site to look like and many of the designers that I talked with did not seem to grasp the concept of what I was trying to do.

I was actually trying to put together a site for my family and friends to use to stay in touch and to use to learn about the heritage of my family. I wanted to include information about all of the people in my family history and the pictures that I have been able to find over the years.

When I was younger, I became interested in where our family came from because I was the only one in my school classes that looked, dressed and talked like I did. It was not easy for me to get through school when I was young because I did not have a good understanding of why I was like I am and how I should be proud of where I had come from instead of having to question it.

I wanted my site to show some sort of resemblance of our heritage and the designers were just not getting it. I finally did find a designer that was able to wrap his head around what I was trying to get done. He did such a great job incorporating all of the graphics into the site as well as the story lines of the family history. It is really great to be able to log onto my site and look back and remember things from my youth and learn more about what my family has been through over the years. I have gotten many thanks from the family for doing this and it makes me feel great.