A Special Use for a Toronto Limo Service

Toronto Limo Fleet | Toronto Limousine FleetWe are very grateful for the delicate way a toronto limo service helped us with our father’s funeral. Mom and dad had eight children. The last of the big families in our little town. The local funeral home has been serving our family for generations. We could not stop using them now. They did not have cars big enough for our family to be able to ride together. My mother actually suggested a limousine for the family to ride in. We thought it a bit odd at first, but it worked out very well.

We could have all just went our separate cars. We did not want to do that. The limo company had a color of car that went with the gray vehicles owned by the funeral company. It blended in very well in the procession. I really do think dad would have been really happy that we all were able to ride with mom to the burial site.